Our Classes

Our classes are always taught in small groups and under the guidance of an experienced and qualified coach. Regardless of your current experience or level, we have a suitable option ready for you.



A training of 45 minutes with foundational weight lifting followed by a metabolic conditioning workout. You will see movements of moderate complexity with moderate loading. Each class begins with a functional warm-up, followed by a skill review, and then a strength component coupled with the workout. For newer athletes, this program is a great introduction to complexity, loading, and variance. For more experienced athletes, KRACHT45 helps develop mechanics, consistency, and intensity in foundational strength and moderately complex movements.



A 60-minute class with functional movements performed at high intensity for advanced athletes only. These workouts are highly varied in duration, format, and type. By combining and varying elements of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and endurance sports, no workout is the same. You can expect high-pace, high-volume and complex movements during this class. Athletes must meet the prerequisites to participate.



A 45-minute class for the slightly older athlete (50+) with the focus on building and maintaining strength and mobility as well as to work on cardio and balance: everything the Silver Fox needs to grow old with a smile. This class begins with a general warm-up, followed by a skill review, then a strength component coupled with the workout, all in a safe and accessible way to grow old fit and vital.


A 45-minute class where we focus on our aerobic capacity. In these classes. the workouts are designed to either focus on our aerobic threshold, or lactate threshold, VO2max, or speed and strength endurance. We will mostly work in teams of two and train in intervals to allow full recovery in between the high-intensity sets.


A 45-minute class where we focus on the fundamentals of gymnastics and work in a 6-week cycle to master a specific drill, such as a handstand walk, pull-up variations, and muscle ring-ups. We work on the movement foundation and on building the strength, coordination and technique needed for more explosive movement progressions. The classes are accessible to all levels and we will take you through progressions and drills to help you achieve your gymnastic goals.


A 45-minute class where you learn and solidify the techniques of the classes Olympic Weightlifting movements: the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. You can expect a warm-up including technique drills and then one lift or complex to build in weight, yet work on improving your technique. These classes are ideal for athletes new to Olympic weightlifting, but also for advanced athletes who want to master their movements and learn new cues from our experienced coaches.


In our mobility classes, we sequence aspects of yoga with functional mobility drills, aiming to improve your workout performance and reduce the risk of injuries. We offer two different mobility classes - one for activation & preparation, and one for recovery. In both classes, we will use tools like foam rollers, dumbbells, weight plates, blocks or bands. These classes can be combined with a regular workout prior or after the class.


Meditation is a technique that allows our mind to relax. Many of us lead very busy lives and finding space to turn inward and meditate every day can be a struggle in itself. But meditation allows us to see things in perspective and can give us a sense of stillness, tranquility or happiness. Our teacher Polina will explain the practice of meditation during her Meditation & Sound Healing sessions and guides you through a meditation to relax and focus on the mind.


In these workshops, we dive deeper into specific movements and techniques and you'll be guided by our experienced coaches. Whether you'd like to improve your ring muscle-up or squat, or give it a go at callisthenics and learn to walk on your hands, we'll guide you through it step by step. All levels are welcomed.


This class is aimed at children aged 4-7 years old and mainly aims to let kids discover the joy of sports in a playful way. The classes revolve around developing general physical skills. Team games, obstacle routes and fun workouts help the kids learn the benefits of exercise. It also helps them develop other essential life skills and improve their self-confidence.


This class is aimed at children aged approximately 8-11 years and has a more challenging program than our Kids class. The focus is on the techniques of more advanced movements but there will also be fun team games, obstacle routes and workouts on the program with the aim of developing physical skills. This class continues to develop essential life skills and improves their self confidence.


From the age of 12, most kids are ready for a more challenging program with their buddies. The functioning of the human body in these years can change from week to week. Assessing and working with these changes gives teens the key to success in developing effectively physically and mentally. During this class, we will focus on more advanced techniques and continues to develop physical skills.


We teach you to move safely during your pregnancy and help you to go into labour as fit and strong as possible. If you have already given birth, we will help you to safely resume sports and to rebuild your strength and condition.