Terms & Conditions

Article 1. Applicability
By registering with Kracht Amsterdam you agree to the conditions and rules as described below. These terms and conditions apply to all members of Kracht Amsterdam. Members will receive a copy of the terms and conditions upon registration. You are deemed to have read and understood the terms and conditions before completing your registration. For minors (under the age of 16), a signature of a parent or other legal representative is required.


Article 2. Membership
Membership is defined as a contract of indefinite duration whereby the member is entitled to participate in the number of classes belonging to their specific membership. Membership is strictly personal and non-transferable.


Article 3. Membership costs
Each member pays the monthly costs associated with their specific membership. Membership fees are payable in advance and will be collected by direct debit around the beginning of each month. The member must ensure a problem-free payment of the monthly membership costs of Kracht Amsterdam. If the amount due cannot be debited, a reminder will be sent, the costs of which will be charged to the member. Membership fees are subject to periodic increases.


Article 4. Duration and termination of membership
Memberships are concluded for an indefinite period and automatically renewed for a period of one month at the rates applicable at the time of renewal. A notice period of one calendar month applies to the membership, commencing on the first of the following month. Cancellations must be submitted by email. Memberships can only be cancelled after the first three full calendar months of membership at Kracht Amsterdam. Kracht Amsterdam reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time without giving any reason.


Article 5. Interim changes in membership during the membership period
Members can change their membership at any time. Memberships can be changed via the software supplied by Kracht Amsterdam to its members. It is not possible to upgrade, downgrade, cancel or pause a membership during a month that has already started; any changes to the membership type will take effect at the beginning of the following month.


Article 6. Pausing memberships
Memberships can be paused at any time during active membership. The minimum duration of a membership break is a full calendar month. A membership break can only start on the 1st of the following month and must be submitted by email no later than 10 days before the start of the first month of the membership break. A membership cannot be paused indefinitely and members must specify a start date for when their membership will be reactivated. If there is no communication regarding a start date less than 10 days before the membership becomes active again, the member will be automatically billed on the 1st of the start month without the possibility of a refund.

Article 7. Lessons
Kracht Amsterdam reserves the right to adjust the schedule and to postpone or cancel lessons without the right to a refund or compensation in connection with public holidays, vacation time, lack of registered athletes, illness of a coach and unforeseen circumstances or events. In case of absence, members must ensure that the class is cancelled in time. In case of late cancellation, no refund of the credit is possible. Classes can be taught indoors, outdoors, or online.


Article 8. Behaviour of members
Members must adhere to the house rules of Kracht Amsterdam. Members may not misuse the materials or facilities of Kracht Amsterdam. Members are liable for negligent or intentional damage to property. Unacceptable, rude or aggressive behaviour may result in termination of membership, without any reduction or refund of membership fees. Coaches are responsible for the lessons and therefore have full authority and final say.


Article 9. Liability
Members use all materials and facilities at Kracht Amsterdam at their own risk. Kracht Amsterdam or any of its coaches or employees accepts no responsibility for any injury or death to a member or visitor while participating in classes and/or while using their materials or facilities. Kracht Amsterdam does not accept any liability for damage, loss or theft of the participant’s property. Members and visitors declare to waive all rights to bring an action against Kracht Amsterdam for compensation of costs and/or damage as a result of any accident or injury or due to damage, loss or theft of property of the member or visitor.


Article 10. Photo and video material
Members of Kracht Amsterdam give permission to use photos, videos and other types of recordings of groups and/or individuals, subject to the profession, for editorial publication or for promotional purposes. The cameras in the facilities, which have been placed for security reasons, will retain video footage for up to 72 hours. The visual material can and may only be used for (suspected) criminal activities and can be kept longer in the case of (suspected) criminal activities.


Article 11. Privacy and data storage
Personal data will only be used for internal purposes. Personal data will never be made available to third parties, in accordance with the General Data Protection Law (GDPR). Personal data is stored securely at Kracht Amsterdam or our partner SportBit Manager, with whom we have a data processing agreement, with which we can guarantee the safe storage and use of personal data. Kracht Amsterdam coaches and employees who have access to personal data will only use this access for internal purposes and not for personal interest or financial gain.


Article 12. Other provisions
All cases and/or situations not provided for in the above regulations are exclusively assessed and decided by the management of Kracht Amsterdam. Kracht Amsterdam reserves the right to change the house rules and general terms and conditions at any time.