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Small Group Classes

Our classes are always in small groups under the guidance of a skilled and enthusiastic coach. Regardless of your current experience or level, we have a suitable class. Our three signature classes are all a great workout: Kracht 30, Kracht 45 and Kracht 60. In addition, we work extra on fitness during our ENGINE classes and we also offer Yoga and Meditation.

Whether you’re looking for the most intense workout in the world, or if you just want to sweat for half an hour, we’ve got you covered!

Personal Training

Are you looking for more extensive one-on-one coaching to achieve your goals? We offer personal training for anyone who prefers this approach, or for those wanting to work on specific skills, such as a first ring muscle-up. A tailor-made training program in preparation for a specific event is also possible. We take everything into consideration, including nutrition. Please contact us for more details.


Healthy employees are more productive and less often sick, which can lead to an increase in productivity within the company. Working out together also encourages team building, which can positively influence the working atmosphere. Under the guidance of our coaches, our programs for businesses are a fun and intensive way to keep your employees healthy and fit. Our business programs can be fully customized. If desired, we can provide all participants with food and drinks during and after the classes. You can choose from the following options: Company fitness, Training at Kracht (inside or in the garden) or on location, Online Live classes via Zoom, Health and Lifestyle Challenges or Teambuilding Events.

Nutrition coaching

Each person has different goals. We help you achieve these, but we think it is important that you feel comfortable in your own skin and that is why we have a holistic approach. Not only do we tell you what to eat, but we also teach you why. At the same time, we help you to change your diet and lifestyle.

It can be difficult to break certain behavioural patterns and to adjust your diet or lifestyle, which is why we are here to support you. We will help you by giving you the right nutritional advice, teach you the basics, and provide practical tools to help you eat healthier, increase your energy levels and to achieve your (sport) goals. You can book a separate consultation or follow a nutrition or lifestyle programme with 3, 6 or 12 months of personal guidance. Contact us for more information.

Guidance during and after pregnancy

Our coaches are extremely knowledgeable about what happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy, during childbirth and in the period after. But are also aware of what influences this has on her training possibilities and load capacity. We adjust our regular training sessions so that women can continue to train in an appropriate and safe way or resume training after childbirth. In addition, we give every woman extra personal guidance, check-ups and, if desired, we can create a tailor-made training program.


We believe that a physiotherapist should not only be someone you make an appointment with when you are in pain. We prefer to see our Movement Based Therapy physiotherapists as performance therapists focused on preventing injuries. Their no-nonsense approach will make you feel better and move better in no time. They offer the following services: Physiotherapy, Sports massage, Dry needling, Medical taping.

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