Our community is the beating heart of Kracht Amsterdam and keeps our daily motivation high to offer you the best workouts, make you stronger and offer a space for you, and your friends and family to grow and come together. We share the joys (and occasional pains) from sweaty workouts but also stories, laughter and good coffee. 

Next to our workouts, we offer a variety of services within and beyond Kracht, such as nutrition coaching, pregnancy guidance and workouts for your own business. 

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Small group training

We teach our workouts exclusively in small groups and under the supervision of our experienced coaches.

Independent of your level of experience and sports background, we’ll have a suitable workout modification ready for you at all times. We offer a variety of workouts tackling strength, aerobic endurance, mobility, gymnastics and technical classes.

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Personal Training

If you are looking for a more personal 1:1 touch in your training – we’ve got you covered. We offer Personal Training under the careful guidance of our experienced coaches, who will go the extra mile to challenge and motivate you to reach your own fitness goals.

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Our signature workouts



Our 45-minute class with elements of weight lifting, combined with a conditioning workout. You will practice moderately complex movements with a moderate load. Each class starts with a warm-up, followed by a skill review. This class is a great intro to complexity, loading, and variance for beginners. For more experienced athletes, this class helps develop consistency and intensity in foundational strength and movement proficiency.



Our 60-minute class with functional movements performed at a high intensity for our advanced athletes only. These workouts are highly varied in duration, format and type. By combining elements of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and endurance sports, no workout is the same. You can expect high pace, high volume and complex movements during this class. Athletes must meet the prerequisites to participate.



Our 45-minute class for the slightly older athlete of 50+, with the focus on building and maintaining strength and mobility as well as working on cardiovascular health and balance skills, everything the Silver Fox needs to grow old with a smile. This class begins with a general warm-up, followed by a skill review, then a strength component coupled with the workout, all in a safe and accessible way to grow old fit and vital.