The Kracht Burpee Mile




Kracht Amsterdam


10:00:00 13:00:00

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Charlotte Maris

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With a squat, extension, and push-up component, burpees may just be the ultimate bodyweight move. It's no surprise they're built into so many different workouts. Perform a few of these, and you'll soon realize why they're regarded by many fitness enthusiasts as one of the most taxing moves. It's no surprise that the Burpee Mile is held in infamy among cross-fitters.


The Kracht Burpee Mile briefing starts at 10:00 am sharp to brief the movements' standards and rules. From 10:15 onwards the teams will be taking on this challenge. We will have a staggered start between teams. Our expectation is that the last team will start at 10:30, with a 90-minute time cap, everyone should be done at the latest at noon, we'll have a cold beverage ready for you then!


You should wear gloves to protect your hands as your hands will endure a lot of pressure and possibly some scraping throughout the mile. Gardening gloves work well because of the thickness of the palms. Full-length pants or leggings are a must for the Burpee Mile, and if you have any sort of knee protection, such as knee sleeves, also wear those.