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With this OFFICE SPACE Punchcard you can book 5 times a desk in the Yoga Studio for a 2 hour time slot.


What makes Kracht unique is the community we’ve worked to cultivate. As our daily lives are affected by COVID-19, we are committed to helping our community members in every possible way. With a large (mostly) empty Yoga Studio at Kracht, we would like to support all people that work from home by offering an office space.


A home office is a very different environment to its traditional counterpart. With stringent measures in place to keep the most vulnerable people in society safe and protected, working remotely is something that the vast majority have to get used to. And while we could get used to the idea of wearing pyjamas during working hours might be a high point for some, we understood from our members that the reality of working from home presents its own unique set of challenges.


– We guarentee all the measures for hygiene and physical distancing to provide a safe work environment for our community.​ There are only 2 desks per timeslot available.

– In timeslots of 3,5 hours you can reserve a spot to make use of a new workspace close to home that gives you plenty of flexibility with regard to your busy schedule.

– Super-fast Wi-Fi will make it simple for you to follow up on your work tasks without interruptions.

– This is only available for Kracht members to not create extra traffic and to keep our space safe.

– You can reserve a desk per 2-hour period. Available from Monday to Friday at 09:00-12:30 and 13:00-16:30. Check the SportBit ”Office Space” Schedule to reserve your desk.


For questions send an email to