About Charlotte Maris

How I found CrossFit and my passion for coaching

I’ve always been an active kid. Until I was seventeen I swam at a high level and already loved the feeling of competing and challenging myself. Some time after my competitive swimming years I found a video of Chris Spealler and immediately knew I would love that CrossFit thing. In 2013 I signed up for my first class and was hooked from the beginning. I found a new passion. 

After six months of training and learning everything I could get my hands on about CrossFit, Weightlifting, Fitness and Nutrition, I participated in my first competition, “The Open”. From that moment on I started training harder to achieve my goal of qualifying for the Lowlands Throwdown final, where I finished as 8th Elite Female in 2014. Since then my love for competing grew and I participated as Elite in several international CrossFit competitions including The Athlete Games in Manchester and The French Throwdown in Paris. I’m also a National ranked Weightlifter and I’ve won several Dutch National Weightlifting Championships.

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In addition to my drive to constantly improve my athletic capabilities, one of my biggest passions is helping people. Next to coaching classes and giving private training, I help people finding a healthy approach to nutrition, the foundation of living a healthy life. 

Besides this, I am the founder of Kracht Amsterdam and the Kracht Foundation. This I did to realize my dream: life-long sports and exercise for every citizen of Amsterdam to become and to stay fit and healthy and to connect with people.

I’m a huge supporter of utilizing fitness outside the gym and I love surfing, snowboarding, canoeing, climbing and just about anything else that sounds like fun. Thanks to CrossFit I am always ready to do these outdoor activities. 

Seeing people excel in the gym and in life, and achieving goals they never thought they would be able to accomplish drives me everyday. I enjoy teaching and I hope to inspire and motivate people to live an active and healthy life! 

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Ironman Barcelona

In October 2022 I finished the Barcelona IRONMAN. Although I’m proud that I finished it, this was about so much more than the result. It was about inspiring others to reach new heights, appreciating the journey we are all on, pushing my own boundaries and supporting Pink Ribbon. I raised a total of € 3970, thank you to everyone who donated, it means a lot! 

List of achievements

– Fanatic Adriatic Croatia 23, 24-5-2014 / 7th
– Belgian Throwdown 26-7-2014 / 10th
– Lowlands Throwdown 4, 5-10-2014 / 8th
– NK Senioren Olympic Weightlifting 25-10-2014 / 1st and National Champion -63kg and overall
– Rotterdam Throwdown 1-2-2015 / 5th
– Tiglon Series 2016 / 2nd
– Walters Cup Throwdown 8-5-2016 / 1st
– Beach Throwdown 25, 26-5-2016 / 2nd
– Lowlands Throwdown 1, 2-10-2016 / 5th
– Amsterdam Throwdown 5, 6-11-2016 / 5th
– NK Senioren Olympic Weightlifting 18-2-2017 / 1st and National Champion -63kg
– Tiglon Series 2017 / 2nd
– CrossFit Games Open 2017 / 4th
– Beach Throwdown 1, 2-7-2017  / 1st
– CrossFit Games Open 2018 / 7th
– Tiglon Series 2018 / 3rd
– Beach Throwdown 13, 14, 15-7-2018 / 1st
– Beast of Berlin 29, 30-9-2018 / 1st
– La Battaglia Di Milano 6, 7-10-2018 / 3rd
– Lowlands Throwdown 12, 13, 14-10-2018 / 6th
– Ironman Barcelona 2-10-2022 / 4th

Work with me

If you’re in the Amsterdam Area and want the motivation and attention from working with me one on one, I offer personal training on an ongoing or short-term basis. My facility has everything you need for CrossFit, weightlifting, gymnastics, strength, and conditioning. 

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