Jomo Change X Kracht Amsterdam

We use movement to enhance your collective strength in a healthy, enjoyable, and professional way while gaining personal insights into how your team dynamic is built.

Give your team a boost

The collaboration of JOMO Change X Kracht Amsterdam is based on an innovative approach to leadership, team dynamics, and personal growth in an unconventional way where we use movement to tap into your team’s potential. By combining our expertise, we empower individuals and teams to achieve remarkable results.

Franka Rolvink Couzy, a change and leadership expert, is passionate about helping teams unlock their full potential.

Charlotte Maris, an experienced and enthusiastic CrossFit coach, is dedicated to inspiring people to lead active and healthy lives. Together, we complement each other perfectly. In this proposal, we will guide you through a unique program and create an unforgettable afternoon together.

Direct transfer to your work practice

The program is led in collaboration with JOMO Change X Kracht Amsterdam. The advantage of this collaboration is that you learn directly how the structure of our classes can be transferred to your work practice. The concept of secure base leadership provides the base of our program and stands for the balance between care-taking and challenging.

Everyone can participate

We don’t make a difference between a professional athlete and a beginner. Our exercises are tailored to your level of strength and skills, making it possible for everyone to participate in a safe and fun way. Every member has then also his unique role within the team.¬†

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