Olympic Weightlifting Workshop




Kracht Amsterdam


11:30:00 13:00:00

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Charlotte Maris

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The Snatch is one of two Olympic lifts and a foundational movement in CrossFit. It combines high levels of mobility and stability with strength, power and accuracy and is, therefore, a great display of athleticism. 


In this hands-on 90-minute workshop, we will be working on the basics of the Snatch. We will break down the movement step-by-step and learn to get comfortable in the different key positions. We’ll discuss what an optimal bar path is, and go over common mistakes.


At the end of the session, there will be multiple lifts or complexes to feel how everything comes together with some actual weight on the bar. The workshop is open to all levels. Buy your ticket in our webshop or through SportBit directly and we will reserve your spot!


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