Gymnastics Workshop




Kracht Amsterdam


19:15:00 20:00:00

Hosted by

Daaf Egberts

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Get ready and join us for a Gymnastic Basics Workshop that's perfect for every level, from beginners to seasoned athletes. We'll be focusing on two essential skills: the Kip Swing and Handstand Hold.

Kip Swing Mastery: Learn the art of the kip swing, a fundamental gymnastic move that's one of the building blocks for more advanced gymnastic skills.

Handstand Excellence: Discover the secrets to a perfect handstand hold. Whether you're working on your balance or aiming for that picture-perfect handstand, this workshop will help you get there.

Suitable for everyone: No matter where you are on your Gymnastics journey, Coach Daaf will provide individualised guidance to ensure you're challenged at your own level. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your gymnastic skills, build strength, and have a ton of fun in the process!